Our Progress 7/8/2021

Happy Summer Everyone!

We hope that you are having a great summer and a fun 4th of July! Plenty has happened since our last post. 

We have a new team called the Arts and Design team! They will focus on bringing artists and animators onto the team. Members in that team can help environmental educators with the visuals of their lessons and revamp our social media. Additionally, they can create art to post on our social media platforms. Furthermore, we held our very first elections! As our organization expands, we are in need of more people to help us and we want to give our hard working members an opportunity to grow as leaders. 

We are pleased to announce our new team:

Environmental Education Heads: Helena Chan and Claudia Reines 

Social Media Head: Shalini Ramakrishnan

Technology Head: Cassidy Charles

Arts and Design Head: Cate Korins

Secretary: Alina Xi

Fundraising Head: Josephine Taglialavore

Events Head: Shreya Nara

That’s it for now! We are very excited to see the changes this new setup will bring and where the Green Cause will go in the future. That said, our members are working hard even in the summer and you can expect to hear from us soon!


Frida Ruiz and Alina Xi 

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