Founded in 2020, The Green Cause is an environmental nonprofit organization based around promoting environmental activism among the youth and larger communities through the making of various content, such as lessons and social media posts. To strengthen our impact, we have recently launched our brand new chapter structure, which allows people to spread environmental awareness in their own communities as part of The Green Cause. This gives many individuals a chance to connect with their cities more closely and form a strong team to combat climate change. Individuals who are involved in a chapter have the autonomy to do what they think is best to fit the interests of their community in hopes to educate and inspire more people to join the cause. We, as the board of The Green Cause, truly believe that the involvement of every person is so crucial to create change in this world, which is what we hope to accomplish with this launch. We hope that you too can be a leader, and work with us to change the world for the better.

The Green Cause Chapters Program

In the past three years, we have grown in size of our membership (over 400 members), and have participated in events like NYC’s Earth Day, and collaborated with many schools & environmental organizations. Now with an ever expanding team and more upcoming opportunities, we have decided it is time to restructure our organization to allow members to get more involved in creating and promoting said opportunities. The Green Cause is excited to launch our Chapters Program! 

YOU can create a chapter for your schools, cities, and communities. Both high school and college students are welcome to make their chapters.

With this information, you must be thinking the following: 

Why should I create a chapter? 

Starting a chapter for The Green Cause serves as an opportunity to work with your community to address climate change. This allows you to connect with city and/or school officials, create events & projects, and bring together a coalition of like-minded students. You will be able to learn & apply many important leadership development skills that will help you with your future endeavors. You will be able to have autonomy to make decisions for your own chapter and create a vision for The Green Cause with all the resources and support provided by us. All of this while learning more about the environmental field and earning community service hours for your hard work! 

Great! Now I feel pumped and ready to begin: What are my next steps? 

Click on the button below which will lead you to The Green Cause Chapter Starter-Kit, where you will find the following: 

  • The Green Cause Guidebook with information about starting a chapter, the various teams, protocols, and other resources
  • The application and yearly update form 
  • The grant application form 
  • Volunteering forms and certificates 
  • Various flyers to promote The Green Cause 

Before filling out the application, be sure to thoroughly read the guidebook. The following will be needed before filling out the application: 

  • A faculty or advisor from your school or city 
  • Finding at least 5 members to fill each team leader position
  • Your Chapter name 
  • An idea of the types of events & content you want to work on for the year 

We are so thrilled to give everyone the opportunity to expand upon our goals and turn a high schooler’s idea into something unbelievably larger. We couldn’t have done it without you.