About us

The founder of The Green Cause.

Frida is a high school senior attending the Sustainable Sciences program at Union County Vocational-Technical High School. She was inspired to create an outlet where students are able to be educated on environmental issues in her local community when she noticed many of her peers acting carelessly towards the environment.

Co-founder of The Green Cause

Bianca Palomino is a senior at Union County Vocational-Technical Schools and has a growing passion for the environment. She has the short-term goal of educating her own community and the long-term goal of educating the nation on the crucial crisis that is the environment.

Public Relations


Athena is a senior at the Union County Vocational Technical Schools, and serves as the Public Relations Chair of the Green Cause. She wants to help educate others on climate and environmental issues by spreading our message of knowledge, awareness, and action on social media. She is accepting requests from those interested in joining our mission.

Technology Department

Dan runs the technical side of things at The Green Cause, and believes that in this day in age, education is facilitated through technology. He is also passionate about environmental issues. If you have any technical inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact him at daniel@thegreencause.com