Welcome to The Green Cause!

      The Green Cause strives to educate others regarding various environmental topics by making videos or giving a small virtual presentation about various environmental concepts. Each member gets to select an environmental issue that they’re passionate about; they conduct  their own research and create their own lesson. It’s important that each member is involved in every step of the process.  We plan on integrating fun activities, such as lab demonstrations or games that will leave a lasting impact. 

Being a member of the Green Cause will not only help them spread knowledge but also gain knowledge by doing their own research on topics that interest them the most. We currently have more than 20 members who have been working throughout the summer on their own lesson plans from topics that range from deforestation to fast fashion. 

If you’re ready to make a difference in your community, be sure to join The Green Cause by contacting thegreencauseinitiative@gmail.com.