1 Year Newsletter

Happy Spring Everyone!

      We hope you are enjoying warmer weather and the colorful scenery. It has been officially a year since the origin of the Green Cause. At that time, we didn’t even know how to execute our idea. Thanks to your help, the Green Cause was able to expand and gain traction – becoming the large, cooperative organization you see today. To commemorate our anniversary, here are some of our accomplishments that our members and officers worked hard to achieve

  • We have over 50 members participating in The Green Cause! Each member is part of different committees and teams and put their specific skills to best use – whether it be making infographics, maintaining our website, or teaching students. 
  • We have prepared and presented environmental education lessons to over 9 different classes from local schools on a variety of different subjects. 
  • Our social media presence has grown as well – we are ending our year with more than 140 followers on instagram! 
  • Officers and members have presented at over 10 speaking engagements, including for the Earth Institute at Columbia University. 

          Through the persistent efforts of our members and officers, The Green Cause was able to spread the word about pressing environmental issues and explore different approaches to these pervasive problems.

We are proud of our accomplishments this year, and we expect more to come. Thank you to everyone who supported our cause and we’re looking forward to doing more in the future!


Frida Ruiz and Bianca Palomino 

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