Our Progress 12/30/2020

Happy Holidays! As 2020 comes to an end, we at the Green Cause have reflected on our progress in the last couple of months, and are proud of what we accomplished. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been doing: 

  • 5 memebers will finish with their projects by the end of January 2021. 
  • We are currently working on our logo, which will be a tree with “The Green Cause” written on its leaves. 
  • We welcome three new hardworking members! 
  • We presented in the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation Youth Climate Action Network Webinar
    • 30+ in attendance
    •  Spoke on our experiences with sustainability education and why there’s a need for improvement
  • We participated at the Center for Sustainable Development at The Earth Institute of Columbia University: Reimagining the City for 21st Century
    • Where there was 40+ in attendance.
    • Discussed the gaps in environmental education, what advice we have for educators, and how we are striving to improve public awareness.
  • We are starting a membership recruitment campaign
    • Consisting of contacting over 50 high school districts and institutions to have our promotional content spread on their website and student classroom boards. 
  • We’ve collaborated with CivicStory and the NJ Student Sustainability Coalition to help give The Green Cause a bigger platform and provide some training workshops. 

As we’ve adapted to the limits of Covid-19, we’ve continued to spread our message of environmental education and awareness through virtual means, making crucial information about pressing environmental issues accessible to everyone. Participation in our initiative has increased, and it shows that our community wants to join in on our mission. Panels, presentations, and different events help us gain exposure and we hope to reach a wider audience of our like-minded peers through our new membership recruitment campaign.

 Looking back, the Green Cause has made many accomplishments through the continuous hard work and passion of our members. We hope to achieve more in the upcoming year of 2021, and we are glad that you’re following along on our journey.

Happy New Year!

Frida Ruiz and Athena Zheng

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