What you can do

Join One Of The Green Cause Groups

Social media:
One main aspect of the social media team is contacting different groups and recruiting students to The Green Cause. However, that’s not the only thing the social media team is in charge of: they also make researched infographics, or a Public Service Announcement video which can contain a summary of an issue and ways the reader can contribute to solving the problem. If you’re passionate about the environment, but don’t want to make a full presentation you can make an infographic and have it posted on our official Instagram page.

Environmental Educator:
Your job is to research and create a presentation about an environmental topic you’re passionate about. A lesson template that has been created by The Green Cause will guide you in your research process. As for now, all presentations will be virtual; either by filming a video or joining a virtual class session. Hopefully, in the future you’ll be able to give your presentations in person.

The Outreach/Video Editors:
If you don’t have a passion for teaching but you still want to help, you can help by editing the videos the environmental educators will make. Additionally, you would help us with the logistics of the events, and expanding our teacher outreach spreadsheet. Without your help, it would be much harder to find schools that are willing to work with us and to have videos that will keep the students engaged.