The New Guard

Helena (Environmental Education Team Co-Head) 

Helena Chan is a junior at Union County Magnet High School. She wants to help educate younger students about the environment, sustainability, and ways they can help.

Claudia (Environmental Education Team Co-Head)

Claudia Reines is a junior at Magnet High School. Since she was a child, she’s been intrigued by animals and the environment and looking for ways to help them. Sustainability really is so crucial to the world in every aspect. By joining The Green Cause nearly a year ago, she got to explore more into sustainability and methods of advocating for the Earth. Claudia hopes to bring her own ideas into improving the Green Cause and making it run even more effectively.

Shalini (Social Media Team Head)

Shalini Ramakrishnan is a junior at the sustainability program at her school. She joined The Green Cause because she has a deep interest in sustainability and the environment.

Cassidy (Technology Team Head)

Cassidy is a rising senior at the Union County Magnet High School with a passion for technology. She became interested in The Green Cause because it allowed her to expand her skills with coding and excel while also creating change in her community.

Cate (Arts and Design Team Head)

Cate is a senior attending Union County Magnet High School studying engineering. She became passionate about the environment when she saw the overwhelming lack of action being taken by people around her despite the seriousness of the climate crisis. After realizing that a lack of education primarily caused this lack of action, she found The Green Cause to be a perfect way for her to help educate those around her in an engaging and fun way.

Alina (Secretary)

Alina Xi is a senior at the Academy for Information Technology. Her interest in the environment developed when she visited Yellowstone and got to admire the beauty of nature. However, the forest was still recovering from the wildfire that destroyed it and the contrast between the burned trees and the rest of the park saddened her. Later, Alina found the Green Cause through email and remembered that trip. She decided  to take a leap and join; the rest is history.

Josephine (Fundraising Head)

Josephine Taglialavore is sophomore at UcTech’s School of Sustainable Sciences. She was first introduced to sustainability when accepted to the school. Since then, Josephine has taken the time to learn and became passionate about sustainability and environmental science. Through this learning, she was given the opportunity to join The Green Cause. Her goal is to spread awareness of the rising troubles of our world with my peers.

Shreya (Events Head)

Shreya Nara is a sophomore at the Academy for Information Technology. She became interested in environmental science after getting inspired by a book called The Rule of Five, written by Harvard Law professor Richard Lazarus. After learning about the Green Cause through an email, she was more than eager to join and do her part for the environment.